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Tree Removal FAQ's

  1. Where do you operate in New Jersey?
    • Amazing Tree Service provides expert tree removal service for homes and businesses located in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Morris counties and other surrounding areas in Northern New Jersey.
  2. Is there a good time of the year to remove trees?
    • In most cases, trees can be safely removed any time of the year.
  3. What do you do if a tree is threatening the integrity of the house?
    • Large, older trees are often in danger of falling and can seriously endanger the structure of your home and for this reason it is crucial to hire a skilled team of tree experts to perform your emergency tree removal.
  4. When must a tree be cut down?
    • If your tree is losing its branches quickly, the leaves are not growing as expected, the tree is leaning on an angle, the tree seems unstable or the trunk has signs of internal decay, it's time to have your tree professionaly removed.
  5. Do you use chemicals in the tree removal process? Are they harmful to the grass, vegetables, children, or pets?
    • No, all of our tree removal services are performed by our own line of tree cutting and stump grinding machinery.
  6. Do you deal with the disposal of the tree after is has been removed?
    • Yes, Amazing Tree Service will ensure that your property will be left impeccably clean and without any debris left behind. After a tree removal service is performed, our crew of tree experts will also offer to cut your tree into firewood.
  7. Do you provide free tree removal estimates?
    • Yes, we provide free estimates for our tree removal services both for homes and businesses located in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Morris counties and the surronding Northern New Jersey area.
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