Tree Removal Cost in NJ

Tree Removal Cost in NJ

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Are you looking for tree removal cost in NJ? Amazing Tree Services specializes in tree removal services can provide you with an estimate for a tree removal cost in NJ, based on various factors that are unique to your property. Tree removal is not a one-price-fits-all projects. There are many elements to consider when appraising your tree's removal price. Our tree specialists carefully inspect the tree, the property it's on, and its condition to properly and accurately give you a fair tree removal estimate. First, let us help you get a better idea of some factors included into pricing out the removal of a tree.

Size of Tree

The most obvious element is the size of a tree on your property. A tree's height and circumference dictate the difficulty of the tree removal process, as well as the amount of preparation, time, and labor it would take to safely remove the tree from your property. For instance, a smaller tree at a height of 25 feet might cost anywhere from $150 to $500. However once your tree surpasses 25 feet, the cost of tree removal ranges from $200 to $1,000. For trees larger than 75 ft, the cost to remove a tree can show increase upwards of $1,500.

Species of Tree

Different species of trees come with different price tags for tree removal services. While New Jersey is mainly home to deciduous trees (and some Evergreens), there are several types with unique attributes that affect tree removal pricing. For instance the Oak tree, a common tree type of New Jersey, features very strong and sturdy wood, adding to the amount of time and labor necessary to properly remove it from your property. A typical Oak tree removal costs approximately $200-$1,000. Evergreen Pine trees, on the other hand, aren't as difficult to remove. They can, however, grow much taller than your average Oak, which can increase the price of tree removal.

Condition of Tree

A fallen dead tree is relatively much easier to remove than a live, standing tree. Because it has already fallen, dead tree removal costs can be as low as $75 depending on the size of the fallen tree. A strong, living tree takes more labor to properly cut through and safely bring down, increasing the price to reflect the labor involved. If a tree is still standing, but is dead, rotting, or diseased, the amount of labor needed to remove it won't be as intensive as a living tree, alleviating some costs and bringing the final price down.

These figures represent approximate costs. In order to receive an accurate tree removal estimate, it's important to have our tree removal professionals inspect a tree you would like removed from your property. We consider all factors to provide you with an accurate price for tree removal.

For more information about your tree removal cost in NJ, call Amazing Tree Services at (973)343-6868.

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Tree Removal Cost in NJ