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Are you looking for tree lopping in NJ? If so, Amazing Tree Services provides homeowners and business owners with a variety of tree services. At Amazing Tree Services, your safety is our number one priority. Our professionals have the required equipment and machinery necessary to perform meticulous and safe tree removal, tree lopping and more.

Tree lopping involves the process of trimming away branches of a tree that are no longer wanted. When our professional tree specialists work with you, we will develop a strategy for the proper method of approach to minimize intrusion with your daily routines. There are times when tree topping is necessary for the safety of your property and loved ones. Sometimes, a tree becomes too large or grows over a house, at which point branches that break away from the tree could serious damage to your home or property. Accumulation of leaves on your roof can also cause unnecessary weight when wet and cause structural damage. If you have installed a swimming pool, you may need professional tree lopping in NJ performed to remove overhanging branches which may cause future incidents. Our tree professionals perform tree lopping with your safety well in mind, and we use our own equipment, crane, knowledge, and experience to safely remove the hazardous branches and restore your peace-of-mind.

Property owners, as well, might choose tree lopping in NJ for aesthetic purposes. At Amazing Tree Services, we can enhance the appearance of your property with expert methods for tree lopping to conform to a design specification of your own, or to blend in with the surrounding foliage. If performed for aesthetic purposes, our professionals will trim parts of the branches to form a desired shape. We can also perform crown reduction on the tree, reducing its overall size while maintaining its natural shape.

We provide emergency tree lopping in NJ in times when storm damage has caused a branch to snap or break onto your property. In these cases, it is imperative that tree lopping be performed to save the structure of your property as well as the health of the tree. Once tree lopping has been successfully performed, your tree can begin regrowing the damaged branch without interruption from the current, damaged branch.

If branches from your tree are in danger of falling and causing damage to vehicles or surrounding properties, you need tree lopping in NJ. Our experts will safely remove any loose or hanging branches. We don't leave your property until your tree is safe for neighbors to walk by or cars to park under.

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  • " I highly recommend this company. They are very professional, friendly, and thorough. Very good prices and dedicated to the customer. Best job of tree trimming and stump grinding I have seen....paul...randolph nj "
  • " Did a great job, very professional, did exactly as promised, clean up when finished and reasonable cost. Will use again when needing tree work "
  • " Extremely happy with this very professional company. They did everything they said at a very fair price. I had a very difficult tree that was damaged and leaning over my neighbors pool. I had them come on Friday evening for the estimate and by Saturday evening the job was complete... "
  • " Great guy, Mauricio, he has always helped me with my tree needs and is a great contact to have. He is very knowledgable and knows how to get the job done. He was a very professional helper. He's the reason for their success. Recommendable to anyone serious about their trees. "
  • " Excellent service and work. Mauricio is professional and responsive. The crew that did the work on my property was skilled and dedicated. They left my property extremely clean. Everything that Mauricio said he was going to do was done and done very well... "
  • " This company is amazing! Thanks to them, my backyard has never been more bright and amazing! Before this company came to have my trees taken away, some branches taken off the tree to provide more light in my backyard... "
  • " Very happy to found this company, they own a super machine the really does the work, fast and clean. Employees are serous, knowledgeable and all work as a team work. My husband was very happy too. We give them 5 stars. "
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